The set up is considered the most important part of creating consistent good shots. The set up is also the first in a series of techniques that one must get correct to consistenly hit good shots.
There is not only a technique of set-up; there is also a sequence of set-up that should be followed.

1. THE GRIP must be in the correct position as well as the proper type of grip. The purpose of the grip is to return the clubface square at impact on a consistent basis.

The positions of the grip could be considered NEUTRAL, STRONG, and WEAK. These are references to the position of the hands, not the grip pressure.


The type of grip is important: INTERLOCK, VARDON (overlap), 10 FINGER.

A NEUTRAL grip is a grip that returns the clubface to square at impact on a consistent basis.

A STRONG grip is a grip that is that is rotated to the right of that neutral grip (clockwise for RH) tending to cause the face to close at impact creating hooks.

A WEAK grip is a grip that is rotated to the left of that neutral grip (counterclockwise for RH) tending to cause the face to be open at impact creating slices.

INTERLOCK grip is when all the fingers are on the grip except the bottom little finger and the top hands fore finger INTERLOCKS. I have seen this grip create more incorrect swing faults and incorrect impact faults than any of the other grip types.

VARDON grip is the most popular among good players. All the fingers of both hand are on the grip, except the bottom hands little finger OVERLAPS the top hands fore to middle finger.

The 10 FINGER grip is when all 10 fingers are on the grip with no overlapping or interlocking of the fingers from either hand.



2. The AIMING of the club is critical. One must AIM the club in the correct Loft, Lie, and Direction.
The correct LOFT is based on the manufacturers loft the club was made to. Not de-lofted or lofted from that degree of loft.

The correct LIE is when the club is flat on the ground with neither the toe nor heel of the club off the ground.
The correct direction is when the bottom or leading edge of the club is square (at right angles) to the target line. Not set open or closed at the address.

3. STANDING to the handle refers the how we position our body to the club and how we position our body relative to the target line. The Grip end of the club should be central to our body with our feet, knees, hips, and shoulders parallel to the target line.

4. POSTURE is a slight flex of the knees, a slight bend from the hips with leaning slightly towards the ball so our weight is on the balls of our feet.

The sequence of the set-up is also very important.
The critical part of the sequence is that the AIMING of the club must precede the standing to the grip end of the club. It does not matter whether you grip the club before or after you aim the club. We need a reference as to how and where we should aligned our body, the AIMING of the club gives us that reference.
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